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o so long, on hold.

Bell real-estate values my call.

I vomited at work, all day today. I wanted to leave, go home,t ake a bath, nap. no no, youll get written up if you leave, tha tmeans youll get fired soon too. they're just waiting for it. now i'm home, running my errands as much as i can throughout the telephone and the computer.rented out to college stundents? i'm hip!

so we're moving into a place on 18th and willamette. deposit is a bit more, but nothing i cant handle.tomorrow e go to pick up the addresses, look around, then stop back by bell realestate and set up an appointment.

i cant decide if i want to vomit or not.

amy and i went to a strip club. i had mroe fun at the oxygen bar than staring wide eyed at a bunch of a strippers. do these men feel good that they have to pay money to get a girls attention?

my friends bought me lapdances and I felt sick to my stomach.w e went to dennys afterwards saw justin whom was really drunk- enjoyed that.

i need a cup of coffee.

oh - i havent eaten in 48 hours and i really really want to.
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